LeadershipStars Program


12 Monate intensivste und persönliche Betreuung für Führungskräfte

Mehr Ergebnisse bei weniger Ärger. Bessere Mitarbeiter, bessere Teams. Dadurch mehr Zeit für Dich. Mehr Einfluss im Unternehmen, dauerhaft.

In wöchentlichen Coachings meisterst Du auch als „Newbee” mit Leadershiptrainer Olaf Kapinski eine der bestbezahltesten Fähigkeiten der Welt: Teams auf ein Ziel ausrichten und dieses zuverlässig erreichen.

Erfolgreiche Teilnehmer von:


5 Irrglauben, die Dich davon abhalten,
eine noch bessere Führungskraft zu werden.

„Ich stecke zu tief im Tagesgeschäft!“

Der Klassiker. Bei Licht betrachtet, geht es selten um zu viel Arbeit aber immer um zu wenig Priorisierung. Und Rückrat, diese dann auch durchzuhalten.

„Ich bekomme keine Ziele!“

Führen bedeutet erschaffen. Erschaffe Dir Deine Ziele, wenn Du keine von oben bekommst! Nur lass Deine Organisation keinesfalls alleine.

„Ich kann hier nirgends gute Führung beobachten und abschauen“

Leider immer noch der Standardzustand: Zu wenig Vorgesetzte taugen als Role-Models. Eine Gruppe von Menschen um sich herum zu haben, mit der Du Dein Führungsideen diskutieren kannst, ist Gold wert.

„Im Unternehmen hört mir keiner zu“

Eine oft genannte Klage, gerade von den IT-Kollegen. DU hast Ideen und würdest Dich einbringen wollen, und doch… Gerade meine IT-Kollegen sind sowohl anfällig dafür und nur zu oft liegt es an der Art der Ideen-Präsentation.

„Wir haben zu viel zu tun!“

Ehrlich? Das habe ich ja noch nie gehört! Entschuldige die Ironie: JEDE Abteilung ist ausgelastet. Besonders IT-Abteilungen finden immer genug, sich zu beschäftigen. Das bedeutet im Wesentlichen, dass Du Dein Leute nicht ausreichend steuerst.

werde ein


Bevor Du mehr über das LeadershipStars Program erfährst, habe ich noch ein paar Fragen an Dich:

Trifft einer oder mehrere Punkte auf Dich zu?

Dann habe ich großartige Neuigkeiten.

Ich helfe Dir, diese Probleme zu lösen!

LeadershipStars 2020 - Das Ergebnis einer mittlerweile dreijährigen Entwicklung mit über 100 erfolgreichen Absolventen.

LeadershipStars 2020 – Das Ergebnis einer mittlerweile dreijährigen Entwicklung mit über 100 erfolgreichen Absolventen.

Im Oktober 2017 vermittelte ich die wirksamsten Methoden der besten Führungskräfte im damaligen IT-YoungStars-Program zum ersten Mal.

In kürzester Zeit waren die Plätze vergeben.

Jeder einzelne brannte darauf, die Wirksamkeitsmethoden und Erfolgsstrategien auf seine eigene Organisation und seine eigenen Ziele anzuwenden.

Durch permanentes Feedback wird das Programm nochmal verfeinert. Basierend auf was in der Praxis WIRKLICH funktioniert und Du direkt umsetzen kannst.

Resultate der bisherigen Absolventen

"Bin mithilfe des LeadershipStars zum Prokuristen geworden"

Jörg Dießner

Manager IT & Telekommunikation

Eine steile Karriere!

Nicole Jansch

Head of Software Solutions
item Industrietechnik GmbH

"Ich merk's jetzt... Die Sachen funktionieren!"

Julian Lenhardt

Preschool Director
Colegio Alemán Nikolaus Kopernikus Panamá

English is the Lingua Franca of international leadership, the content of this program will be in ENGLISH!

How is the LeadershipStars Program 2020
structured in detail?

1) Leadership Foundations

You took over your first Leadership Role or you are close to it? You want to prepare yourself for this step? First of all: Congratulations on this step! A lot of new managers mess it up terribly in the first year, be better!

Your people look at you, they expect leadership. Your job is now to make them do the right things.

Your boss watches you carefully, as he is responsible for your results. Many new-leaders mess up, because they don’t know the Leadership-Basics.

Leadership is a responsibility. Master it!
I will show you, how. Take advantage of my good 20 Years of experience in leadership.

This is the LeadershipStars Foundations-Curriculum:

  • Improve yourself: Leadership is a mind-game. Great leaders share a certain mindset, they have more clarity on the right things. I will give you the important things in a condensed form.
  • Improve your Employees: Gain their trust, improve their behavior using two of my most valuable courses: One on Ones and Feedback.
  • Improve your Team: The fast majority of teams out there miss the most important piece as a team: joint goals. My Teams Goals Process fills this gap and catapults your teams output. This all will be reinforced by the Employees Development Process.
  • Extend the Team: There will come the time when you need to recruit new employees. Too often this ends in a disaster because the leaders don’t know how and their HR isn’t as good and/or helpful as we want them to be.
  • Improve your Impact: Your Ideas need to be heard by your boss and the superiors. And taken over. This makes presentations-skills extremely important.
  • Improve your Time: Self Effectiveness is your main discipline you want to master. And it’s the name of my best-selling course and part of this program.

2) IT-Stars

This is the Community of more experienced Leaders in IT. Regardless of CEO or first Level manager, here is the place to be.

The world changes into IT, each company must follow. You are an essential resource for your organization!

This is the IT-Stars-Curriculum:

  • Improve your Processes: An incredible high number of IT-Leaders don’t have solid knowledge on some basic-Processes. Instead, they waste time to develop the wheel again or they waste time and effort in cleaning up, what’s caused by missing processes. I will give you the basics on PRINCE2, ITIL and SCRUM.
  • Improve your Communication: The only tool leads have is their communication skills. Helping you to master them, we will do a deeper dive into certain Communication-methods and principles.
  • The Basis: There are a lot of interesting and important Ideas out there. Some have to do with yourself, like “How you are successful”, some are helpful to know, like “Conways Law” or the “Cynefin” Framework.
  • Improve your IT-Strategy: This is a NEW add-on in this year! In a small group you can develop, share, integrate and optimize your IT-Strategy.

3) Weekly Content

The Content for both Tracks, Leadership-Foundations and IT-Stars will be delivered as an exclusive Podcast to you.

It is as easy as all your other Podcasts: One year I will guide you through all the content of your Curriculum. Listen to it while you commute or at sports. Up to you. You are, in opposition to most other programs out there, not forced in front of a screen or in a room!

Consume, when it suits you best!

4) Weekly Leadership-Coaching

We will have a weekly video call, where you can share your thoughts and successes, discuss your issues or ask for help. This is an open discussion round for the community.

Those Coaching are your shortcut to immediate solutions! Don’t wait long, don’t burn more energy than needed.

I will be available myself, too and help where I can. The calls language is either English, if only German natives are present, or English.

5) Quarterly Live Meetings

There are four live-meetings planned! Those are 3-5h Meetings with particular topics and a practice part.

  • Oct.: Introduction, your Goals, Team goals process
  • Jan.: Team Goals
  • Apr.: Communication and Presentations on Stage
  • Jul.: Employee development and Team Goals Review

The Meetings will start with some input from me, followed by interactive parts, where you can practice. Again: The conversational language will be English, as soon as we have international participants.

Sadly, I can’t really predict, when we will physically meet. The October and January Meetings will be virtual for sure. A hope, to be able to do the April-Meeting somewhere in Germany.

The Meetings will be recorded and can be reviewed later. The Program fee includes participation of the meetings, you only need to take your travel- and hotel cost.

6) Stars Community

To enable interaction with the other LeadershipStars, we have an instant messaging platform running.

A Participant called it “The wisdom in my pocket”, as this is your fastest way to contact the other LeadershipStars.


Video Calls

You have the chance to attend weekly Leadership Coaching Calls to discuss the issues that move you.

Stars Community

You can approach your fellow LeadershipStars via an instant messaging platform, exclusively for the Stars Community.


Over the year you will receive the well-developed sequence of content of the Curriculum in an exclusive LeadershipStars-only Podcast.


A permanently growing collection of important and valuable content is available, on top of the curriculum.
Obviously, the Curriculum Content is completely available there, too.


After a month we will offer Mastermind Groups within the Community.


All participants of the LeadershipStars program can have direct access to me: 6x1h for individual coaching sessions, alone worth 900€, as needed.

October 2020 – September 2021

You can use the Program as much, as you like: Just consume the content as a great Podcast or scan the Library for what you need. But this leaves the main value unused: The interaction with your colleagues! The community and the Issues Calls where real killers in the last years!

get your qualification interview

How does it work?

We run the year like a Project:

  1. Understand your current situation. What’s already working, what wants to be changed?
  2. Develop annual Goals. This is based on the analysis and helps you to develop a powerful goals-process.
  3. Execute your changes. This is about showing performance, not only talking about it.
  4. Management Methods. Learn new tools, get experiences on them, sharpen your knifes.
  5. Employees. Prepare how to deal with them, how to assess their performance, how to develop.

We are very proud to have participants since three years now from:


The Leadership Foundations Program is for young leaders regardless of the industry. We had and have participants from those areas:

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • IT-Development
  • IT-Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Production – Animal Food
  • Production – Industry Sealings
  • Teaching – School
  • Software Training
  • … and many more

Who is Olaf Kapinski?

I have been a manager since 2001, before that I was a volunteer for ten years. In the beginning it was all “learning by doing it wrong”, I soon realized that leading is a learnable art.

At the latest with the start of the LEBEN-FÜHREN podcast in 2014 I switched to the trainer side, learned more and more about the methods behind it.

I like to pass on my experiences to the really good ones. To the people who want to lead in the right way. To the LeadershipStars.


“Everything is IT! Every successful company is and will be based on IT.”

And then I see how disconnected IT and business very often are. How some IT-Leaders still do what they did 10, sometimes 20 years ago. How they waste time and energy with thinking circles because they have no one to discuss the issues on eye-height.

I want to bring the IT-Leaders into the position they deserve within their company. Not a stupid cost-center anymore but the central pillar for the operations.


The procedure for participation in the
LeadershipStars Program

Step 1: Application

Click on one of the
“get ACCESS” – buttons and fill out the contact form. (It’ll only take 60 seconds.)

Step 2: Phone call

If it turns out that we can help you and you meet the admission criteria, you will have a qualification interview with me.

Step 3: Breakthrough

Become part of the LeadershipStars family, achieve maximum performance with your team and increase your influence.

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If you'd like a peek into the LeadershipStars Meeting

Here is a short excerpt of a past, virtual StarsMeeting. The topic is

“How to get decisions  out of your boss.”

This was the last hour of a StarsMeeting and it is in german (as only germans attended).


  • Muss ich englisch sprechen? Nein, aber lesen und hören. Die Inhalte kommen  in Englisch, die Q&A Calls werden aber auf Deutsch laufen, wenn nur Deutsche anwesend sind.
  • How much time I need to plan? As much, as you like! The minimum should be one Podcast episode per week and then adapting it in the office. Drastically useful is the Issues Call every Thursday evening for an hour.
  • I don’t lead yet but will be taking over an IT-Team in the near future. Is the Program valuable for me? Absolute! The earlier you learn the mechanics of IT-Teams and all those tools, the earlier you will be successful.
  • What, if I can’t attend all the time and have to skip a month? No problem, you will only miss the live calls. The main content will remain available online.

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LeadershipStars Program

© 2020 Olaf Kapinski

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