What are the IT-YoungStars?

A group of motivated and involved people, who will take their own success, their own career in their own hands.

Will you be part of it?

If so, then you‘re going to work on your career together with the other IT-YoungStars. You will take care of all the important topics which usually don’t have the time in an average day.

The Group will stay together (at least) for a year. The program runs in parallel of your normal working days. Online. Via Podcast. Via Forum. Via Video Conference. In your speed.

Organizational fit

We will have an intense look on how your organization works. What is required? What do you already fulfil? Where is optimization required?


Your Success is based on your thoughts. On your way to approach tasks, projects, processes, employees, bosses.

Career path

It so incredibly important that you know, where you want to be and how to go there. After the promotion is before the promotion.

Training only works over time. One-time-courses usually have very few impacts, if any. Here is your effective way: Training on the Job, immediate exchange with the group and permanent realization along the day.

This is success is done!

These are the high lights of the program:


Permanently: There Participants will have a private Slack Group, where they can discuss and exchange.


Weekly: The Curriculum will be delivered to you via our private Podcast, exclusively for the IT-YoungStars.


Twice a Month: To support the current topics there will be video conferences to raise questions and discuss.


A portion of the curriculum will be available right from the start on the website. Visually extended and ready to be used.


For certain topics I will have interviews with experts on this field. That will be audio or video.


The IT-YoungStars will have access to courses of other experts, currently Jörg Walters Projektmanagement-Plattform.


As IT becomes more and more international, the IT-YoungStars Program will be held completely in English.


The participants will have full access to me: You can book coaching time with me, to work on your personal issues. Free of charge for the IT-YoungStars!

Olaf Kapinski

The Curriculum can and should be influenced by the participants. At least these Lessons will find its place:

  • Your position, your goals, your career strategy.
  • Presentations
  • Goals, goals, goals
  • Communication styles
  • Time management & Meetings
  • Recruiting + Outsourcing
  • One on Ones + Feedback


September 2018 - August 2019

Let's work on your success!


The participants of the current turn keep their unbeatable price from last 2017.



Early Bird

The Subscribers of my newsletter have been given a voucher valid until 31. July. :




You can sign in for the regular tariff until the end of August.



If you don’t like the program, you can leave within the first four weeks an will be given the money back.

The prices are including VAT. It has to be payed the annual fee.